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Planning for Business Expansion in India – why should you go ahead?

As someone, truly remarked – We Indian’s are high emotional even in business. When the going looks good, we project it to be great and when it looks decent, we project gloom and doom. We magnify it either ways.

In 2008-09, when the global economy was in a turmoil and India was growing @7% GDP it was considered an exceptional performance. In 2011-12, the global economy is in a turmoil and India is likely to grow @7%, the mood is sad…..why? Of course things could have been better, had this and that..been taken care off, but still we are on a strong footing and path ahead looks promising.

This is why, India still is a good place to expand in….

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About The Author

Founder & Managing Director at Expand in India, and IIM Lucknow Alumni having close to 20 years experience in business management, industrial management, strategic planning, marketing, operations, team building, leadership , consulting and six sigma process orientation.

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